Our Pastor!

Pastor Dr Esther Wiggins received her Doctorate Degree 2018 Glory to God!!!

Our Pastor

Evangelist Esther Beatrice Wiggins is a native New Yorker she was born in Harlem NY. She is the daughter of the late Pastor and Founder, Dr. Ernest L. Wiggins and Mother Alma Wiggins, Overseer of First Faith Baptist Church Cambria Heights NY. 

Esther’s siblings are Evangelist Sadie Yarborough, Hon. Dorita Clarke, the late ‘Thomas L. Wiggins, the late Joseph B. Wiggins, and the late Irene E. Bellevue. Esther’s loving children are Mrs. Xernorna Deing and Natalie Brathwaite she has four grandsons Tyree, Cedric, Zion, and Cameron one great granddaughter Kimora. Esther also gives thanks to God for saved nieces and nephews and a church family that loves the Lord. 

Esther accepted the Lord into her life at the age of twelve. She ushered, enjoyed singing solos and being in the choir. Esther recalls the time her father invited her to his graduation. This was when he received his Doctorate; it was in that service the Spirit was moving and she rededicated her life and returned back to the Lord. She remembers her love of being a Praise and Worship Leader, and serving in the various ministries in the church such as: trustee Board and Missionary Ministry.

In 2008 under the leadership of Rev. Eric Magwood, Esther was consecrated as an Evangelist where she served with him at First Faith Baptist Church. In 2009, The Holy Spirit helped Evangelist Esther to go forward with the people of God until this very day. To God be the Glory! When you look at her yesterday’s service in the vineyard The Lord was preparing her for today and her for tomorrow.

Esther gives all the glory to the Lord for turning her life around. One of her favorite scriptures is John 3:16 “For God so love the World that He gave His only begotten Son, that who so ever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

Esther’s Christian Education first began in the home of her parents along with her siblings. This teaching carried over to First Baptist Church and Sunday School. Time past on she participated in Moody Bible Institute Correspondence course for two years. In 2004, Esther also was a part of a Saturday Morning study group with Elder Beaman and Rev. Conner that sparked a greater interest in knowing the Word of God

In 2006 Esther’s co worker, Greta nathaniel invited her to join her for five AM prayer when she found out the time she laughed, but that is where you will find her on Tuesday mornings. God began a greater work in her. She became part of the intercessors under Elder John H Boyd Jr. and Prophetess Dr. Juanita Bynum at New Greater Bethel where the late John H. Boyd Sr. Pastor and founder, in 2007 at New Greater Bethel, Esther attended Prayer school with Arch Bishop D. Williams. Her thirst for the Word continued and Esther became a student at the New Greater Bethel Bible Institute Dean Carwell Morgan where great teachers assisted in grooming her. From September 2007 – June 2012 Esther received her Bachelor’s Degree in Theology. In 2014 she received her Master’s In Theology.  In 2018 Pastor Wiggins received her Doctorate from New Greater Bethel Bible Institute  I am so grateful to the Lord for bringing me through!

To God be the Glory for the things He has done!

First Faith Baptist Church